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Dynamic Media Institute is a graduate program that's ever-evolving, always leading communication to new frontiers. 

My Role

As the student at this institute, I spearheaded the development of DMI's comprehensive brand identity system, designed and developed their website, managed all social media channels, and conducted extensive user research and UI/UX prototyping to ensure an optimal user experience. It was an immense honor to be a part of Dynamic Media Institute's legacy.


I transformed the Dynamic Media Institute by creating an impressive brand guideline, organizing engaging events, and generating more than 50% increase in social media engagement. My innovative approach and meticulous attention to detail established the institute as a major player in the design industry, enhancing its reputation and making it a go-to destination for students, faculty, and design enthusiasts alike.


I embarked on extensive research, diving deep into student data, old thesis books, faculty information, and past and present projects to gain a thorough understanding of the Dynamic Media Institute's brand identity, values, and pedagogical approaches. Based on this research, I developed a robust and comprehensive brand identity guideline that captures the essence of the Dynamic Media Institute. This guideline serves as a blueprint for creating a powerful and cohesive visual identity that reflects the unique character of the institute.

Brand Identity Guidelines

By leveraging my expertise in branding and design, I was able to create a brand identity that not only resonates with the institute's core values but also stands out in a crowded and competitive marketplace. With this brand identity guideline, I have helped the Dynamic Media Institute establish a strong and distinctive brand that will attract students, faculty, and industry partners alike.

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Explore my comprehensive Brand Identity Guideline Book for the Dynamic Media Institute, featuring design elements such as logos, colors, typography, and iconography.  I crafted a guide that reflects the institute's unique character and values. This guide establishes a consistent and compelling visual identity that elevates the institute's brand and reputation in the design industry.

DMI Brand Guidelines (Draft 2)-01.png
DMI Brand Guidelines (Draft 2)-08.png
DMI Brand Guidelines (Draft 2)-09.png
DMI Brand Guidelines (Draft 2)-11.png
DMI Brand Guidelines (Draft 2)-13.png
DMI Brand Guidelines (Draft 2)-16.png
DMI Brand Guidelines (Draft 2)-20.png

Access the complete Brand Identity Guideline Book for the Dynamic Media Institute here.


I directed the design of the DMI website based on brand guidelines, using research to create a user-friendly interface. The website is currently under development.

Dynamic Media Institute


Community Engagement

I successfully organized and curated community events, including the Fresh Media Show 2023, which boosted morale and engaged the community while elevating DMI's image. With strong project management skills and creativity, I fostered collaboration and built a positive community.

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I took over the social media, graphic design and promotional material for DMI and FreshMedia in January 2023, increasing their online reach and engagement. Check out some screenshots from both accounts. This experience showcases my expertise in social media management and ability to drive impactful results.

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