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This collaborative performance features Shalun Li, a pianist, and Rihards Kolmanis, a composer and musician, both from The New England Conservatory. Enso Resonance debuted at The New England Conservatory's Burns Hall and Brookline Public Library's Hunneman Hall in October 2023.

I created sound-reactive dynamic visualizations, which I perform live alongside musicians. In collaboration with Baopu Wang, I used TouchDesigner to design generative visuals that integrate live audio input to dynamically modulate the visuals in real time.


Within TouchDesigner, me and Baopu developed intricate systems that enable customized sliders and buttons to interactively accompany the performance. These visuals were projected using a 5000-lumen projector.


  • Shalun Li '24 GD, piano

  • Chihiro Asano, mezzo-soprano

  • Shiyu Zhuo, soprano

  • Paul Meland, saxophone

  • K. J. McDonald, violin

  • Rihards Kolmanis, guitar

  • Henry Wilson, percussion

  • Shozab Raza and Baopu Wang, Visual artists

  • Cameron Stowe, studio teacher

  • Vivian Hornik Weilerstein, studio teacher


The duration of the performance was 60 minutes, and selected scenes from it are included in the documented video.

To watch the entire performance, contact me.


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