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Polymer-4 is a story of hope. A fictional narrative encompassing a progressive future that will lead humanity to leap towards the next step of bio-evolution, with the aid of technology. 

From an ape to man, from man to trans-human.


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This graphic novel illustrates the dual nature of  technology and how technology is being used to help humanity in conclusion. 

It is the story of a biotech scientist who was determined to cure his 9 year old suffering from cancer but ends up killing him in an accident. After 9 depressing, disturbing years in isolation, he comes across his silver lining that guides him through his salvation. 


Polymer 4 is the next step towards human evolution. Polymer 4 is a biotech company which will allow humans to enhance their capabilities using 3d printing technologies (stereolithography) to get an organic and more efficient body.

A positive outlook towards the future.


Access the graphic novel here

Behind the Project

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