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The avant-garde Mime theatre society exploring the art of experiential storytelling by skillfully blending choreographed light, sound, and innovative new media techniques. 

My Role

As the visionary Founder and Director of PMPM, I spearheaded the development of the society's  Brand identity system, infusing it with creativity, innovation, and a touch of theatrical flair.


With my expertise in graphic design and branding, I crafted a cohesive visual language that resonates with the society's core values and unique artistic style.


My expertise in branding and design has been essential in developing PMPM's unique visual identity, creating a cohesive and captivating aesthetic that resonated with the enthusiasts. 


My collaborative leadership style has brought together a talented team of 10 individuals who share our passion for experiential storytelling, enabling us to establish ourselves as a dynamic force in the world of theatre. From a school student initiative to a thriving reality, PMPM's success is a testament to my strategic vision and design acumen.


Brand Identity Guidelines

By leveraging my expertise in branding and design, I was able to create a brand identity that not only resonates with the society's core values but also stands out in a crowded and competitive marketplace. With this brand identity guideline, I have helped the Postmodern Pantomime establish a strong and distinctive brand that will attract students, faculty, and commercial theatre communities alike.

PMPM Brand Guidelines (Draft 1)-01.png
PMPM Brand Guidelines (Draft 1)-02.png
PMPM Brand Guidelines (Draft 1)-04.png
PMPM Brand Guidelines (Draft 1)-06.png

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Community Engagement

This theatre community is open to anyone who's interested in performance, theatre, production, new media, light design, sound design, props/set design, makeup/costume design, event management, graphic design and related fields. Follow us on instagram for updates on performances and sign up the the recruitment spreadsheet.

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