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This project ponders over the concept of transhumanism by investigating the imperishable relationship between man and machine. Exploring the necessary ethics and responsibilities for a constructive growth and a better future.


A series of interactive projects that allow people to familiarize themselves with technology and develop a positive relationship with it. Bridging the gap between organic and inorganic (Man & Machine) structures to resolve the issue of technophobia.

Project 1: Embrace me

With an experimental approach, I decided to use my expertise in illustrating organic + mechanical drawings; My illustration work revolves around a speculation of how machines will shape-shift, be more flexible, organic and eventually become a part of us in the future.


It is a 360 degree painting which is sensitive to touch and produces a series of harmonic sounds when touched at various areas within the frame. Touching the organic and mechanical areas in the painting will trigger two distinct sound ranges at different frequencies. When touched simultaneously, it will form a harmonic continuum of sounds. And we love harmony.

It will act as a fun tool to experience music and act as a beacon for a man-machine collaboration. An element of playfulness as a human experience giving people the sense of control they generally crave for. 



Painting with conductive ink over the illustration inside the cylindrical form. Using capacitive circuits and programming a circuit playground to react to touch. Output in the form of square wave audio signals.


Using resistance over capacitance in order to get better sounds. Used Max 8 by Cycling 74 to design a Sine wave that was mapped to the drawing on a surface. So touching the surface at different points modulated the sound like a controller. 

control box

acrylic sheet


final execution

First big project is to design an interactive series of paintings, installations and a final theatrical performance incorporating dmx lights in just one big space.

Pozen center would be a good option.


Click below to get access to my research paper on Transhumanism. 

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