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To hear the video's sound, simply hover your mouse pointer over it. If the sound is not audible, try moving the mouse pointer away from the video and then back on top of it again.


Embrace is a 360-degree painting, a tactile canvas that 

responds to touch by generating sound when interacted with.

Within the frame, specific areas, representing the organic and mechanical components, trigger distinct sound ranges at varying frequencies.

Transhumanism_07 (Illustration incorporated)


A machine that embraces and invites organic matter (humans) to foster a unique connection with itself, contrary to our typical contemporary experiences. In our daily lives, we use computers, smartphones, household appliances, cars, and power grids, but there's often a sense of detachment. We tend to treat these machines as separate entities.

In the coming times, these machines will be much more than just objects of use. They will be companions, friends, supporters, and guides. Let's, for once, contemplate the idea of considering these things as having their own sentience.


With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, we have the potential to craft intelligent machines capable of thinking, adapting, evolving, decaying, and even reproducing, much like other organic species on the planet.

Design & Prototyping

Embrace underwent several stages, including initial sketches, material research, technology development, and prototyping. I first presented the initial sketch in 2022.


InitialSketch_Embrace, 2022


SpatialConfiguration_Embrace, 2022

Prototype 1

I began with a cylindrical structure and used a repurposed traffic drum as its base. I developed an interactive surface using conductive ink and connected it to an Arduino to sense touch. The initial tests were done on cardboard for conductivity and touch responsiveness.

In the final steps, I integrated the illustration inside the frame, connected it to a computer for testing, and used an Arduino speaker to produce sounds when the surface was touched.

Prototype1_Embrace, 2022

Prototype 2

The second prototype was a refinement of the process, with improved audio using high-quality speakers. The sensor was intricately linked to Max/MSP, a popular software in the new media world. A Max Patch allowed adjustments to pitch, frequency, and volume based on numerical data from the conductive paint.


control box

acrylic sheet

Configuration_Embrace, 2022

Prototype2_Embrace, 2022

Final Construction

Constructing the stainless steel cylinder involved acquiring new skills in welding, metal cutting, and bending. I ordered stainless steel strips and sheets, cut and shaped them to form the cylindrical structure, and gained valuable welding experience.

After priming and painting the metal surface to make it non-conductive, I carefully layered the illustration with conductive ink, ensuring the circuit remained intact. This meticulous process, although time-consuming, was accomplished in a single day, followed by pasting the illustration inside the ring. 


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