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Material Nature was an experiential art show comprising several 2d, 3d and interactive sculptural experiences at the Godine Family Gallery at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design in October 2023.




After a year of contemplating a solo exhibition, an opportunity arose to turn this aspiration into reality. As a first-year student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, I encountered the Studio of Interrelated Media's Big Show 2022, featuring a versatile space with various artistic performances and resources—a reminiscent setting of my theater days in Pakistan. Recognizing its potential, I sought collaborations within the department and attended relevant classes to nurture these connections.

A year later, I proposed a solo exhibition at the Godine Family Gallery overseen by the SIM department, which was accepted for the 2023 summer season. With a scheduled opening on October 8th, I had a month to prepare. More details on specific projects will follow.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 1.25.30 PM.png

ConfigSketch_MaterialNature, 2022


Given the approval from the Godine Gallery team, I began conceptualizing the gallery's layout, comprising an open space with two small rooms situated at the rear.

My aim was to create a central project serving as the strategic focal point for organizing all other projects in the open space, while utilizing the two small back rooms to showcase the process and behind-the-scenes activities.

IMG_5250 2_edited.jpg
IMG_5250 2_edited.jpg


Projects Included

  • Polymer 4: A graphic novel that presents a narrative exploring the theme of technology and its duality.

  • Transhumanism (Illustration Series): A series of speculative illustrations depicting the integration of human organs with mechanical components. 

  • Naamyaati Machine (Audio-Visual Experience): A device capable of controlling visuals through hand gestures. 

  • Embrace (Experiential installation): An interactive 360-degree painting that, when touched, modulates sound based on the body's resistance value.


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